Our Story

Quality Food For Quality Life

In 1990, Daniel Jackson’s younger brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Mixed-Cell Lymphoma. Daniel’s maternal grandmother had died of cancer in 1965. Seeing the risk factors adding up, he decided it was time to do something different.

It began with drinking a powdered OPC antioxidant product, to reduce cancer risk. After some research and experimentation and a helpful supplement distributor, Daniel started making a whole-food smoothie that included a green powder product, a fiber powder product, a healthy oil blend and berries.

Shortly after, He and his wife Liz began having children – six altogether. Over the next twenty years, he continued to read and experiment with super-whole-food products to improve the health effects and comprehensiveness of the smoothie recipe.

In the early years, Daniel was the only one in the family drinking the smoothie, as he had the risk factors. However, he and Liz noticed their young children were sick too often. Liz prompted him to start the whole family (herself and five children at the time, down to age one) on the smoothie. Within a few months, the family’s health noticeably improved with colds and flus and allergies being reduced.

Today, the ALL-IN Smoothie™ powder blend is quite comprehensive, with all-organic, super-whole-food, best-of-breed products including full-spectrum protein, greens, Ceylon cinnamon, fibrous seeds, beet root, bee pollen, pre-biotic intensive yacon root, high-OPC grape seed and resveratrol-dense grape skins

It provides a full range of vitamins, main minerals and trace minerals a person needs in whole-food bioavailable form. There are no added vitamin enhancements. It also contains macro and micro nutrition, focused on fostering a healthy and sustainable nutrient-absorbing digestive tract. We believe our creator God has designed plant products growing naturally from the earth to be in a form that is just what our bodies need. We believe that even with man’s incredible expansion of knowledge, there are still many things about God’s design not understood and not possible to replicate – hence the whole-food ingredients in our product.

The simple recipe for the ALL-IN Smoothie™ is the result of years of experimentation, in an effort to provide a rich and balanced blend of macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and keep the glycemic index much lower than typical smoothies or juices. The extra optional ingredients in the recipe on the website are both healthy and delicious.

If the powder flavor seems strong, the amount in the mix can be reduced at first, as the berries, banana, coconut oil and honey are delicious! It has worked for us over a long period of time, with children of all age-ranges. Liz’s mom, who lived with us, blessing our family until the Lord took her home at age ninety-nine, continued drinking ALL-IN Smoothie™ and remained able to walk and think until her last few days.

ALL-IN Smoothie™, is a simple and quick way to take in a whole-food nutritional event , superior to supplements, and would otherwise require many foods and be laborious and time-consuming.